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I may not have known what was best for me, but Jayden thought he did.

I knew the end was coming, though it didn't arrive for another six months.

As with most of my relationships with younger guys, none of which were just about sex or my paying their way, we had a smooth ride out of the starting gate because there weren't all those roadblocks that get bumpier as potential mates get older: fear of rejection, pride, a need to keep score lest the scales tip causing him to lose the upper hand.

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Rick also hosted his own radio show, The Coming Out Lounge.

I've been living abroad since 2006 (in Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Bangkok and now Cape Town), and the men I date seem to get younger every year.

Sadly, that old devil called doubt, with insecurity as its pitchfork, would eventually come between Jayden and me.

Several months into our romance, he told me about a dream he had in which I left him for someone closer to my own age, a grown-up with a career and a home who was out and proud.

When we broke up several months later, I figured I'd return to my regularly scheduled age group, but most of the guys who came after him, both the serious romances and the casual flings (Matias, Marcelo, Alejandro and Gonzalo in Buenos Aires, Jayden in Australia, David in Bangkok), were in their twenties.