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Also in the main building are the resort's 4 The suites are very spacious, bright and are tastefully appointed with lovely wooden floors and other woodwork.They all have daybeds as well as spacious bathrooms, again, with "sexy tubs" and separate showers and all the usual amenities The best of these suites are the ones furthest from the road, as they get better views from their 2 walls of mostly glass, if you book through us we will be happy to request one of these better suites for you.Each villa has built-in lounge/sofa seating as well as a daybed/sofa, and offers a small kitchenette with a large refrigerator and a microwave.

The resort offers complimentary water, tea and coffee, though we had to giggle when we got excited about the Twinings of London tea boxes that hold the complimentary beverages, only to have our hopes dashed upon learning that the Twinings boxes were filled with none other than, you guessed it, Lipton.

Perfect for singles, couples or even small families, the resort's 10 are located in the main building atop reception.

A quick look at Tripadvisor confirms this with very few exceptions.

The resort grounds are lush and tropical green, and host a two-level pool, where the levels actually separate the kids' pool from the adults'.

They afford lovely views of the rocks, the pool and the neighboring antique wooden roofs.