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The transfer costs, registration, registration is to be borne by the successful tenderer.

To make an appointment for an inspection, please contact Catawiki.Catawiki good practice to inspect the vehicle on site before making a bid in order to avoid disappointment and misunderstandings.Make an appointment with the seller please contact our Customer Support ([email protected]).To comply with Italian laws regarding the export of motor vehicles, the successful tenderer will have to cooperate with the seller to the regulation of the vehicle documents.Available certificate of origin Mercedes and declaration of historical and collectible ASI. HISTORY At the beginning of 1954 two prototypes of the new Mercedes 190 SL landed in New York , Max Hoffmann (official importer of Mercedes-Benz in the United States) asked that the line was touched up further so that the car resembled more the largest and exclusive 300SL, including on the fenders.New cars on display, however convincing gathered acclaim the same Hoffmann to call for mass production in Germany, according to the specific demands and agreeing to purchase 200 per month.

In the last picture the great Grace Kelly is at the wheel of a Mercedes 190 SL Max Hoffmann during the filming of "High Society" the film that marks the conclusion of the future career of Monaco. This vehicle can be viewed and collected in Domodossola, Italy.

The offers do not include transport or export, unless it is otherwise indicated. It is advisable to inspect the vehicle before placing bid to avoid disappointment later.

Mercedes Benz - 190 SL Roadster (121) - 1955 Mercedes Benz - 190 SL Roadster (121) 1955 DATA · Inspection: 04/23/2016 Expires (will be renewed by me before delivery) · Plates and documents: Italian · Odometer reading: about 5,000 Miles · Owners: 1 Owner + 1 Italian Foreign Owner · Engine: 1897 cc - 104.7 hp - (77 Kw) · Color: Black Exterior - Interior Red · Status and Maintenance: 10/10 · State of the paint and bodywork: 10/10 · State of the underbody: 10/10 · Accessories: Original Car Mercedes, electric telescopic antenna with Red color to lighting switch terminal.

DESCRIPTION Mercedes Benz - 190 SL Roadster (121) of 1955, Macting numbers, part of the first batch of 200 units built (per month) for the American importer Max Hoffman, the car is different from later models by the absence of chrome rings , reflectors and other details.

Restoration carried out by the best specialists of the model, fully documented by a large photo book and invoices of work done.

The car has covered only 5000 miles for testing, impeccable in its entirety.

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