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" She asked as he turned to look at her once again.

Chad's eyes widened as he realized he didn't really have an actual reason."Well," he started as he took the seat that Tawnie had recently vacated, "I was thinking I never really got a real thank you for last night and-" he stopped as Sonny cut him off."That's because you thought the kiss was real then attempted a tuck and roll before running off," she clarified.

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“Yeah, well,” Tawnie continued after looking around, “You’re lips say you’re happy because of James, but your eyes say something-,” Tawnie glanced back at the ‘Falls’ table, “or someone- else.” NOW A TWO-SHOT! The two walked to their shared dressing room to change before getting lunch.

The two got caught by Murphy, but not before Nico had a chance to put his head under the machine.

Tawni then came over to the set of Mac Kenzie Falls to tell James to back off Sonny, but ended up telling Chad to pass the message.

Sonny simply shrugged."I'm happy," She replied simply as she caught a glance of Chad Dylan Cooper staring at his food.