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Out of desperation to reach these young men, many of whose parents have given up, Porter is inspired to have them form a football team.

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It is not until Porter speaks to a Christian Principal that he gets his chance. A Second Chance.” “Based on a true story, ‘Gridiron Gang’ sends out a message that one man can make a difference and the most hopeless kids in our society can change the course of their lives through hard work, commitment and bold leadership.” or a football movie, I sure did feel like crying several times while watching “Gridiron Gang.” This is one of those movies that more people should see than probably will, if only because Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has yet to find his nitch on the big screen.Johnson is a huge success in the world of wrestling and has talent that just needs the right movie to showcase it.Johnson is a good guy, and with the exception of “The Scorpion King,” has always played one on screen.In his autobiographical book entitled The Rock Says, Johnson is at once humble, honest about his shortcomings, and frowns on the adultery that is present in the circuit when the wrestlers go on the road.And so with “Gridiron Gang,” we see a continuation of that same theme.

Based on a true story, the movie is set in LA, where gang activity seems to be a way of life for teenagers.

Johnson plays Sean Porter, a juvenile detention camp probation officer who is frustrated at the lack of success the program is having.

75% of all the young boys that leave the center wind up back in jail or dead within a short amount of time.

Unfortunately, before that Principal relents, he has to be reminded by Porter’s fellow officer Moore that Jesus tells us to be merciful, not judge anything before it’s time, and if you give, it will be given back to you in good measure.

But what I liked, also, about this movie was how real the characters were.

How many times do we need a gentle reminder before we do the right thing?

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