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Ijustine was born to Michelle and Steve Ezarik and is a mixture of Irish, English, Polish and German ethnicity. Bentworth High School must feel proud that its student i Justine has become so popular now.

Pittsburg Technical College or PTC is very famous located in Pennsylvania, USA and this i Justine did her graduation there in the year 2004.

With help from his parents, Kaden has turned his home into his very own training center and shows off his unbelievable skills and strength in this clip.

Credit: Greg Forsha via Storyful Student Raps for Jimmy Fallon Internship Hoping to snag an internship on “The Tonight Show,” college student Jake Sirianni made a rap video to get the attention of Jimmy Fallon, superimposing himself over a 2014 clip of Daniel Radcliffe.

In the year 2007 she caught the attention of many all over with her 300 page i Phone Bill and this video became viral and reached nook and corners.