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Of course we flirted with one another — constantly.Every day on set was a flirt-fest, but it was all pretty harmless because we all usually had romantic partners off-set," she wrote.

It was ridiculous."Then one day, in 1994, Doherty left the set and never returned.

Garth, who now counts Doherty as a close friend, remained on the show until it ended in 2000."Without warning, she was gone. One day she just wasn't on the call sheet." So what did she do?

As teased last week, Spelling, 42, confessed to sleeping with two of her former costars, though one of the identities remained anonymous... "Was there anyone else from the original cast, I'm just going to say it, that you had sex with? It was like a fistfight." Doherty's behavior got so bad that Spelling called her dad to get rid of the actress.

PHOTOS: '90s nostalgia pictures "I remember... I could hear the door fly open and everyone screaming and crying," Spelling recalled.

It makes everything else in your life more rewarding.