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She suggested that, over years of practice, an individual who followed yoga’s emphasis on forward bends could develop joint imbalances in which the hip’s rear area became flexible even as the front remained relatively tight.

The result, she said, was that some poses could readily pull the femoral head forward, causing impingement. “If evaluated properly and given the tools and knowledge regarding what is causing their pain, what imbalances they have and how to work on correcting them, they can use yoga to correct the problem.” My science guru, Mel Robin, sent a note full of good information.

In 2008, the Swiss team published of FAI’s etiology, or cause.

It noted that women between thirty and forty years of age whose activities made “high demands on motion” tended to show the hip damage more often. On You Tube, I found animations (for instance, ) that showed how leg motions could throw the femur’s neck into the socket’s rim.

We are now at the start of our 2nd year and very proud of the dive center, with customer reviews and feedback always encouraging us to maintain such high standards Snorkelers can visit Racha Yai as the snorkeling is easy on our fabulous Snorkeling Tours, visibility is very good and the currents are gentle.

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    Years later, however, Tsuruko would become engaged to a fellow warrior and Motoko, upset with her sister’s decision, left the dojo to live elsewhere during her days at school.

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