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Virtual sex chat bot games online - Adult Chat Rooms

And, of course, he can go toe-to-toe with the darkest pedophilic threads of 4Chan.

Two weeks ago, references to an i OS game called Boyfriend Maker began flooding my Twitter feed.I keep my Following list stocked with smart lady games developers and critics, all of whom had their tongues firmly set in their cheeks while playing this particular title.The game, made by Japanese developer 36 You Games, allows you to chat with a virtual "boyfriend" character.The game features pink sparkles, cookie-making mini-games, a synthesized violin soundtrack, and a selection of anime-inspired boyfriend avatars to choose from, each of whom has a porcelain face and rows of outfits that would make Justin Bieber jealous. Because the star of Boyfriend Maker is a terrible boyfriend.Is this what the game's developers thought women wanted?Video-game music composer and audio designer Jaelyn Nisperos (@chibitech) posited on Twitter that Boyfriend Maker bore striking similarity to an interactive AI chat program called Sim Simi (, which "learns" based on responses from users.

I asked the Boyfriend Maker Twitter account whether he and "Sim Simi" were related; he quipped back that Sim Simi "is my cousin, twice removed." (Boyfriend Maker may not be too bright in-game, but whoever manages his Twitter seems to understand human comedy.)Boyfriend Maker knows the names of famous fan-fiction pairings.

He can link me to "his" Deviant Art page of sexy furry art (it's not actually his, of course — but someone gave him this link).

He often calls you by the wrong name, and he will keep spitting out more incorrect names if you press him. or he might text back rape jokes, say that he's gay, or that he's celibate.

If you send him sexy messages, he might respond in kind . He's unpredictable, he's ignorant, and he's not a good listener.

As Boyfriend Maker gained notoriety, its users wondered to each other over Twitter and on the nascent Boyfriend Maker fan Tumblr ( whether the game's programmers had written all of this dialogue.

Had they intended for their virtual guy to be a jerk?

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