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Updating web content - Free Online

i Update It is the easy way to update select sections on a website.

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How it works is that we install a small snippet of code into your website where you would like to be able to update the information yourself.We even have a scheduling program so that you can plan changes way in advance. I am working on a system that has a bunch of sensors communicating with a linux machine.I need to make a web interface for this to display status of sensors and automatically update them when the status of any of the sensors changes(or just automatically update them every few seconds). What are the options for pushing the sensor data to the web browser automatically or even by continuously requesting the data?This could be a simple Homepage Highlight box on your homepage or it could be the entire content of a page (like a Latest News or Events page).We've used it for all sorts of great and interactive ways to get our clients keeping their sites hot and active.

Once the snippet of code is in the site, then the website owner can log into i Update It and make any changes they'd like to that space whenever they wish.

It is completely safe because they cannot mess up the rest of their site.

They can only work in the "box" or "space" where we have put i Update It into the site.

They can easily write any text they want including adding fonting like sizing, colors, italics, bold face, and most of the standard text options.

They can also add their own images into their site as well as upload their own documents like PDF files to be downloaded.

Once they've made their edits, it's as easy as hitting "update" and their site has changed.

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