Updating my fireplace

27-Oct-2015 09:59 by triplej100 5 Comments

Updating my fireplace - Free Online

{Disclaimer: I know that there are some of you out there who think you should never, ever, no matter what paint brick.

This is really just part one of a larger makeover, but just this small change has already had a huge impact.While I liked the simplicity of the white trim around the fireplace and up the wall, I struggled with the dark brick.In my otherwise neutral room, the dark brick seemed to really jump out at you.Not to mention I didn’t find it to be particularly “pretty” brick, it had that “builder basic” look to it.I considered several options, but decided to go the path of least resistance and simply painted the brick white.After all, I knew if I hated it, then I could implement Plan B: adding tile over the brick.

Luckily I am pleased with the results, so there isn’t a need for Plan B!

As I said, this was the first step in our grander plan.

Fireplaces are typically the “focal point” of a room.

You can make a major change in a room simply by making an update to the fireplace surround, and there are many easy ways to do it.

In our home, we have a two-story family room with formal brick and moldings running all the way up the wall to the ceiling.

It is a major focal point–you see it as soon as you walk through the front door.

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