Updating iphone to new software issues

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Updating iphone to new software issues - Free Online

First, i OS 8, Apple’s new mobile operating system, inexplicably launched late last week without promised apps that used a health and fitness feature called Health Kit.Then, early this week, reports flew around social media and tech blogs showing the i Phone 6 Plus, the big 5.5-in.

Apple pushed out its i OS 7.1.1 software this week - but there are already reports of it causing problems.Users have been posting on the official Apple Support forum complaining that the update has 'bricked' their phone - a term used to describe a phone that won't switch on Although the majority of affected users have been complaining about the phone crashing during the update, on user told Mail Online her phone updated normally, but has since 'switched itself off and still won't turn on'.According to the initial reports, the majority of the problems occurred when trying to update the devices using Wi-Fi, also known as Over-The-Air (OTA) updates.However, a number of customers have now reported having the same issue when updating using a cable and i Tunes The 7.1.1 update is a relatively minor update compared to the previous 7.1 release.It was issued to improve battery life, fix bugs and update the software's security as well as resolve a 'fade' problem with the Touch ID fingerprint recognition on the i Phone 5S.This problem caused scans to intermittently fail Apple i OS 7.1.1 is compatible with all devices running i OS 7.1, including the i Phone 4, 4S, 5, 5C and 5S, the i Pad Air, i Pad 2, 3, 4, i Pad mini, i Pad mini with Retina display and the latest i Pod Touch.

Not being able to update or restore your i Phone can keep you from being able to use the latest software available for your i Phone or restore your i Phone to a more functional state if the i Phone is unstable.

The issue can often be resolved by updating the i Tunes software or updating to the most recent Service Pack on your Windows computer, or to the most recent version of your Mac OS.

Apple software updates for i OS introduce new features and improvements that lets you do even more with their i Phone, i Pad and other i OS devices.

Updated Saturay 9/27 After launching two new i Phones and a new mobile operating system, i OS 8, last week, Apple had a rough few days.

Sure, it sold a record 10 million of its new i Phone 6 and i Phone 6 Plus models over the weekend, setting them up to be its most successful phones ever.

But no company can escape the headaches that come with almost every new launch, and Apple had three problems marring an otherwise spectacular introduction.

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