Updating elementary school interiors

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Updating elementary school interiors - Online sex

By changing its length and height of eave, roof can create multiformity to respond to its environment and different programs.

The Teikyo University Elementary School comprises a row of twelve connected classroom buildings that Kengo Kuma and Associates also compares to a row of terraced houses.Like many of Kuma's buildings, the three-storey school is clad with cedar on every elevation."We used cedar for the material of the exterior, as an attempt to recover a wooden schoolhouse in the midst of the big city," says the studio.Conventional timber siding was chosen for some surfaces, then combined with "yamato-bari" wooden panelling and vertical "renji" louvres to give variation to each of the facades.The asymmetric pitched roof is made from steel, which breaks down to a skeletal framework in the courtyard between two of the blocks.The slope of the roof is visible on every floor inside the school, due to a tiered flooring arrangement and several double-height spaces.

Most classrooms are arranged along the southern side of the building, which is lined with glazing on all three floors.

A first-floor balcony also stretches across this elevation, allowing a double-height recess below the eaves.

A central axis runs longways through the school to connect each set of classrooms.

Group study zones are accommodated within this area, while communal activity rooms such as the library, canteen and media centre are lined up along the northern side.

The school is one of several projects completed by Kengo Kuma and Associates in recent months. Here's a project description from Kengo Kuma and Associates: Teikyo University Elementary School We aimed at a wooden schoolhouse of our age.

Others include an experimental house in Hokkaidō and a timber-clad visitor centre in Tokyo. The building consists of a big roofing and materiality of wood for interior and exterior.

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