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Updating netopia dsl modem

On the consumer front, Ubee’s Ambit U10C019 and Ubee DDW3611 series of cable modems store user names and passwords along with security IDs and the SSIDs for the devices within the SNMP MIB tables.

While SNMP is not enabled on these devices by default, a number of cable providers that utilize Ubee devices enable SNMP with the community string of "public" on the uplink side of the cable modem for remote management purposes, making in possible in those cases to access the data over the Internet.

Who on earth would want to buy one of the DSL modems when, for a monthly lease, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) will provide and maintain the equipment, sometimes for free and sometimes for a fee?

If there is a fee, those who consider a purchase have probably calculated the period of time when the purchase price will equal the monthly equipment lease from an ISP: one year.

Moreover, it has SNMP enabled by default, and the community string “public" is configured by default.