Updating debian linux

Thanks to Orion Poplawski from the Fedora project, among others, these issues are now fixed.For other architectures, you can use the source packages from one of the repositories The best place to report problems with these packages or ask R questions specific to Debian is the r-sig-debian mailing list.

These can be inspected at or cloned from the git repository The following notes are an attempt to merge the hints given in a thread on r-sig-debian started end of March 2015, and the tips given at https://developer.r-project.org/

I have not used this a lot and I assume you have some experience in building software on unix systems. First, make sure you have a source repository in your After the release of a version R-x.y.0, the so-called release branch is used to introduce changes that meet the development guidelines.

Only a confined number of R packages is provided here.

Updating packages installed locally from sources, which you need to do after an upgrade from R 2.a.b to R 3.x.y, is explained below under the section administration and maintenance.

We can build such branches (aka R-patched) using the following scheme, which is adapted from the procedure given for R-devel, but without duplicating all comments.