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As cities grow and nature dissolves into layers of tar, people are beginning to explore how to incorporate nature into their urban surroundings.The roof garden is an innovative concept, which harkens back to the Gardens of Babylon.

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Roof gardens can serve to insulate housing, raise eco-awareness and make urban areas healthier places to live.Semi-extensive Roof Garden: Flying Business Class If homeowners want to a roof garden, which can support more intricate forms of plant life without paying too much attention, then they have the option of a semi-extensive roof garden.Semi-extensive roof gardens require deep soil, which allows it to support a large variety of plants.High water capacity plants, such as sedums, do not have to be watered and looked after constantly- as long as there isn’t a drought.They have become an in-demand product from roofing contractors, some of whom are dedicated to creating exquisite and immaculate roof gardens.Europe is at the forefront of the roof gardening movement.

For example, in Germany roof gardens are required to keep water from evaporating.

Roof gardens come in a myriad of types and styles, this article will explore three common variations Extensive Roof Garden: A Coach Level Seat Roofing contractors find that the easiest type of roof garden to build and maintain is the extensive roof garden.

They are lightweight and can be placed on sheds, garages and other areas of the home.

They don’t look as beautiful or intricate as other roof gardens, but they are a good first step for a beginning enthusiast.

Extensive roof gardens can grow lichens, mosses and other symbiotic organisms.

Unless the house is located in an arid region, rainwater is all that is required to maintain this time of roof garden.

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