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Professor Clem Martini is an award winning playwright, novelist, and screenwriter with over thirty plays, and ten books of fiction and nonfiction to his credit, including the Calgary Book Award-winning Bitter Medicine: A Graphic Memoir of Mental Illness and his most recent anthology, Martini With A Twist.

I teach undergraduate and graduate playwriting, and in the instruction of these courses there are several core ideas I maintain. One of the best and most useful things an individual can do to learn about playwriting is to read broadly and deeply. There exists a large body of advice regarding the writing of plays. It has an ancient and distinguished lineage, dating back at least as far as ancient Greek Civilization. In the end, however, there are no rules and no policing body to enforce them, even if there were. The longer you work, the harder you work, the truer you work, the more it has to return.Our epidemics of dietary disease have prompted a great deal of research into what humans are meant to eat for optimal health.In 1985, an influential article was published proposing that our chronic diseases stem from a disconnect between what our bodies evolved eating during the Stone Age during the last two million years, and what we’re stuffing our face with today, advocating for a return towards a hunter-gatherer type diet of lean meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Though it may be reasonable to assume our nutritional requirements were established in the prehistoric past, the question of prehistoric past remains. We’ve been evolving for 25 million years since our common great ape ancestor, during which time our nutrient requirements and digestive physiology were set down, and therefore probably little affected by our hunter-gatherer days at the tail end.

So what were we eating for the first 90% of our evolution?

What the rest of the great apes ended up eating: over 95% plants.

This may explain why we’re so susceptible to heart disease.

For most of human evolution, cholesterol may have been virtually absent from the diet.

No bacon, butter, trans fats, and massive amounts of fiber, which pulls cholesterol from the body.

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