Twins dating same guy

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Twins dating same guy - Sex Chat

And, rather shockingly, they claimed that they share a bed with their boyfriend Ben every single night… Dating a twin brings up some special concerns as certain things differ from a relationship with a non-twin that may surprise you.

We know that identical twins tend to be quite close, but these two ladies are taking things to an entirely new level.Anna and Lucy De Cinque are 30-year-old sisters who share everything… Aside from spending nearly on cosmetic surgery to make themselves look even more alike, the girls go to (frankly) insane lengths to have the same things in life.For the last four years, the Aussie twins have been dating the same guy!Yeah, the two of them are in a relationship with Ben Byrne…Well, they have to make sure that their bodies look the same at all times. When they appeared on SBS’s Insight show recently, the girls explained how they stick to this painstaking system. It sounds strange to have a plan this intricate, but these two ladies KNOW what they want in life…That means adhering to exactly the same exercise routines and eating the same food too. Lucy explained: ” If she walks a few metres, I need to walk a few metres because we have to burn the same calories. and they are not about to let anyone tell them otherwise.

The lengths that they are willing to go to are quite extraordinary!

Anna admitted: On the show, the two also said that they feel as though they ‘don’t exist’ when the other one is not around.

and surprisingly he is totally cool with the whole situation.

The three of them live with the twin’s mom, and as you might imagine, it’s rather an odd setup.

As if that weren’t bizarre enough, the two girls have sad that when they get pregnant, they want to make sure that it happens at the same time for the both of them… Wow – that means that Ben has quite a lot on his hands with these two.

The reason they want to be ‘with child’ at the same time? The same size of chip packets we have to measure.” But that wasn’t all, the two went into detail about how they would like to get pregnant.

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