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Top teen dating sites - Free Online

Snag The largest and one of the best sites for finding part-time jobs and internships.Search by type of job, location and zip code to generate a list of jobs.

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Cool Works Jobs at camps, amusement parks, state parks, resorts and other cool places to work. Simply Hired Use Simply's Advanced Search option and select to search for part time jobs.Job Search Engines Search the job search engines using keywords like "summer" "temporary" "part time" or the type of job you're interested in to find job opportunities for teens.Part-Time Jobs The sites that focus on part-time jobs often have a good selection of opportunities for teenagers, so check them too.Job Banks Search Monster, Career Builder and the other major job databases and job search engines by keyword - use "summer" or "summer camp" and location.Facebook Groups Search Facebook for "summer jobs" or "part-time jobs" and you'll find Groups set up by employers who are hiring.The retail and the hospitality industries often hire for summer jobs and are willing to provide training.

Not all of these types of employers post online, so check with the stores or restaurants in your town to see if they have openings.

Don't forget to check the local jobs sites for your city or state, as well as the Employment Services job listings, your local Chamber of Commerce web site, and the Help Wanted ads in your newspaper.

“A Story A Day” is a multimedia campaign, designed to raise awareness in our community about the issues of harassment, violence, and discrimination that are taking place on a far too frequent basis.

Start your online job search by visiting the sites that focus on teenagers and students.

Here are the best job sites for teens, plus tips for searching them.

Teen Job Search Guide Information on jobs for teens, including how to find a job, where to get working papers, where teens can work, what to wear for an interview, and how to obtain references.

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