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This excited the archaeologists, because that date made their find the oldest human burial in Australia.But carbon-14 dating on nearby charcoal produced an ‘age’ up to 26,500 years.

Not surprisingly, the older charcoal age was considered to be the ‘most reliable’ estimate and launched Mungo Woman to national and international fame.James Maurice Bowler Excavating the remains of ‘Mungo Man’ in 1974 in Lake Mungo, 1,000 km (600 miles) west of Sydney, Australia.In February 2003, scientists announced that a new suite of tests shows Mungo Man died 40,000 years ago, not 62,000 years as other scientists had claimed based on different dating tests.Both dates contradict the earliest carbon-14 dating results on the ancient remains.This may seem curious for such an inhospitable region. Evolutionists believe that the site represents an outstanding example of the major stages in man’s evolutionary history.Jane Balme, of the Centre for Archaeology at the University of Western Australia, put it succinctly, ‘There’s a general perception that there is a competition to get the oldest date and there’s kudos in it.’ Certainly, there was kudos in this date.

At 26,000 years, Mungo Woman was nearly twice as old as the previous oldest date for Aboriginal settlement of Australia, and possibly the earliest human cremation in the world.

This one was well preserved and similar to the skeletons of modern Aborigines.

It all centres on the discovery of human remains in sand dunes surrounding ancient Lake Mungo—now a dry, flat plain, vegetated by scraggly salt-tolerant bushes and grasses.

The first major find, in 1969, was of crushed and burnt skeletal fragments, interpreted to be of a female called Lake Mungo 1, or more affectionately Mungo Woman.

What made the find significant was the assigned date.

Carbon-14 dating (see Dating methods) on bone apatite (the hard bone material) yielded an age of 19,000 years and on collagen (soft tissue) gave 24,700 years.

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