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Early human occupation in far Western North America: the Clovis-Archaic interface. (1990) Accelerator 14C dating of fossil-bone amino acids: accuracy of North American Human skeletal ages.

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Associate Research Professor University of Aarhus AMS 14C Dating Centre Department of Physics & Astronomy Ny Munkegade 120 Aarhus, Denmark Office: +45 87 15 64 15 Cell: +45 21 18 38 58 Email: twstafford at Ph. (1981) Alluvial geology and archaeological potential of the Texas Southern High Plains. Geology, University of Delaware 1971 Stafford, Thomas W., Jr. (1982) Isolation of proline and hydroxyproline from fossil bone. (1988) Radiocarbon, 13C, and 15N analysis of fossil bone: removal of humates with XAD-2 resin. (1988) Accelerator dates on charcoal, shell, and human bone from the Del Mar early Man site, California.

(1988) The Wizards Beach recession: Farmdalian (25,500 yr. P.) vertebrate fossils co-occur with Early Holocene artifacts.

Nevada State Museum Anthropological Papers Number 21, pp.

T., Zabel, T., Donahue, D., Duhamel, R., Brendel, K., Haynes, C. (1984) Holocene age of the Yuha burial: direct radiocarbon determinations by accelerator mass spectrometry.

(1987) Study of bone radiocarbon dating accuracy at the University of Arizona NSF accelerator facility for radioisotope analysis.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 84: 2350-2354.

(1987) Radiocarbon dating of bones of extinct birds from Hawaii. (1988) Accelerator radiocarbon dating of late Pleistocene megafauna.

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