The geeks guide to dating review guide

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The geeks guide to dating review guide - Sex Chat

Advertisement But if the thought of approaching them fills you with a revulsion more powerful than Jabba the Hutt’s morning breath, then click the “X” button of your video-game controller three times, turn to Page 52, and say, “There’s no place like Alderaan.” Then, wait for someone to beam you up.

Note: That photo was taken by one of my favorite book bloggers, Lauren Hannah. It’s out now with Albatros Media’s Computer Press imprint, which strikes me as an entirely appropriate place for it to be. Well, every once and a while, I’ll spot The Geek’s Guide to Dating audiobook discounted on the ol’ Amazon.As always, huge thank you to Katherine over at Quirk Books, who continues to slay it with selling this book into foreign markets. Marti Publishing, while the Czech edition will be out with Albatros. I wish you had a Twitter so I could embarrass you on social media. Well it looks like I slept through National Audiobook Month, seeing as we’re over halfway through June. And when I see my own audiobook discounted to like $2, I generally can’t help myself, and I buy a bunch to giveaway to friends, family, and oh, the Internet!I’ll be sure to share the covers of those editions when they pop up! To celebrate (the rest of) National Audiobook Month, here’s a lil’ giveaway of The Geek’s Guide to Dating audiobook, which was published by Brilliance Audio. Good luck, and I’ll email winners at the end of the month!Here’s hoping they do something awesome with it and Juan Carlos Solon’s beautiful pixel art. I’m giving away THREE COPIES in the Rafflecopter below. Palacio, Will Grayson Will Grayson by John Green & David Leviathan, and a number of Holly Black books. The cover for Profil Knjiga’s Croatian translation of The Geek’s Guide to Dating surfaced on the publisher’s blog!Big thank you, as always, to Katherine over at Quirk Books.

She’s a rockstar when it comes to foreign rights, and I love seeing this little book pop up everywhere. Looks like The Geek’s Guide to Dating is on sale for the month of February!

You can snag it for $3.99 across all e Book retailers. First off, why do I own so many of my own audiobook?

The French (Bragelonne), Portuguese (Gente Editora), and German (Du Mont) editions are already out in the world. Fun Fact: The audiobook is narrated by Nick Podehl, who also narrated a number of books I absolutely adore.

Now we’re just waiting on these two new ones, as well as the editions in Croatian (Profil Knjiga) and Chinese (Shanghai Dook).

But if the above scenario feels familiar, you might pick up Eric Smith’s amusing “The Geek’s Guide to Dating” to bail you out.

No, you haven’t fallen through a literary wormhole and popped into a sci-fi mashup of an Italo Calvino novel and a choose-your-own-adventure book.

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