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This can only be the work of some dark force., playing the occasional love interest of Rachel Bilson's character. Not a terrific place from which to launch a campaign for true stardom. Work's work.) And it's paying off with upcoming work in that vein: His next two projects are films directed by Tommy Lee Jones and Stephen Frears. Jesse Plemons Who would have guessed that goofy Landry would have this much success? While shooting a scene when she jumped out of a car, Louanne says Matt "grabbed my left breast and I know he was hoping that I would let it go and I almost did ...

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"You came out and you did the scene anyway, so thank you for that!

"7.) Scott Porter is a cry baby Just because he was in the show, doesn't mean it doesn't make him cry just as much as the rest of us.

Unfortunately, it turns out that it was a good thing that Tim was a man of few words, because when Kitsch, a former Abercrombie & Fitch model, got the inevitable movie star push and appeared in films like Adrianne Palicki Charming, talented, and crazy gorgeous, Palicki breathed incredible life into Tyra Collette, the wrong-side-of-the-tracks girl with secret smarts and tenacity.

Taylor Kitsch As the brooding, beautiful wounded angel Tim Riggins, Kitsch made quite an impression, winning hearts with his soulful pouting and bad-boy-gone-good character arc.

She seemed destined for great things when she ended her run on this year, has a couple of upcoming projects listed on her IMDb, among them a thriller with Keanu Reeves, but we fear that this eminently likable actress may have been permanently hobbled by whatever poltergeist is plaguing the fans swoon playing huggable-cute boyfriend-next-door Matt Saracen, though he also showed plenty of weighty seriousness in episodes like "The Son." Sadly, things have not been good for Gilford in recent years.