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He disappeared to spend time with friends, presumably to lick his wounds in private.All this seems to indicate that age-gap relationships have very different effects on men and women.

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Or does the younger partner have all the advantages, whatever their gender?As usual when an age-gap relationship ends, the demise of the Amanda Holden-Les Dennis marriage (17 years between them) was met with a loud chorus of 'I-told-you-so'.It doesn't seem to matter how wise we all are to the fact that age-gap relationships are unlikely to last; there will always be plenty of couples with a generation or more between them who want to give it a go.Perhaps most interesting at the end of the Amanda-Les partnership was how differently they reacted.She was seen out and about with girlfriends, partying, shopping, looking radiant.And what they're really about is the need to control, or the need to be looked after by, a partner.

A woman much younger than her partner, says Julia, has many advantages.

'A younger woman choosing a much older man will be after security.

Motivation Relationship counsellor and sex therapist Julia Cole thinks that men and women do have very different motivation in this situation.

'A man who has a much younger, very attractive partner will see it as a vindication of his masculinity,' says Julia.

'Whereas a woman with a younger partner is less likely to take it too seriously.

She'll recognise the relationship primarily as a great ego boost, but won't expect too much of it.' These relationships, says Julia, are really only successful when both partners acknowledge their transitional nature.

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