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This was the backstage area of one of Rome’s three Augustan theatres, the others being the Pompeii and Marcellus theatres.

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It’s a bit clunky to swipe through places, though, as you actually have to physically swipe down on a place to pass it rather than a new location automatically appearing after swiping left or right.It takes a little getting used to, but the choice to populate the app with Foursquare’s free API with supplemented listings from Superb itself makes it visually appealing.Lu and his team of 12 previously worked on Grubwithus, a three-year-old Y Combinator-backed startup that encouraged users to set up group dinners based on geolocation.But that iteration never gained the traction that Lu desired, and the company put the $7 million Series C it raised in 2012 to turn the product into Superb.Bridging the gap between social media and the real world is a thorny problem, but one company believes that it can get people outside and discovering the world around them by treating places like potential matches on a dating app.Superb is a new i Phone (s aapl) app released Wednesday that marries place discovery with the mechanics that have made hit dating app Tinder a success.

Lu said that the app will show whether friends have selected the same destination, but that it will also encourage users who want to meet one other to set up excursions via the app’s messaging feature.

Anyone who has spent time on Tinder will immediately understand Superb’s lightweight interface, which allows users to swipe right for places they want to go to and swipe left to trash them for good.

He added that the team learned to focus on making the app as minimal as possible to drive users to not get caught up in logistics and go out to places that excite them.

Lu and his team were smart to incorporate traits from the best online/offline dating apps to make Superb fun to use.

But the idea of dinners with strangers or going through a complicated set of messages to get to the new restaurant in the area may still create enough friction to make that bridge from online to offline tenuous.

Rome, Italy - the Crypta Balbi - visit with the Rome archaeological pass The Crypta Balbi is one of the nine Rome museums / archaeological sites that may be visited using the Rome Archaeological pass. The site of the Crypta Balbi is superb, dating back 2,000 years and thus putting these pieces in the perfect Classical setting.

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