Stiker wechat blue

Here are some of the strangest stickers we found (be warned, things will get a bit freaky)...have are chilling depictions of the little construction worker drowning in wet cement or lying in a pool of his own blood – a social commentary on the perilous construction projects in China? But it was all a bit too much for us, we decided not to include them here.

Trim the part that you want by dragging the clip on the bottom.2.

You will be able to download the GIF to your computer once you generate it and share it on We Chat (you can get the web version here https://com). Leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you!

Instead, we opted for the less bloody, still relatively disturbing butt-wiping construction worker sticker. When we said things were going to get freaky, we meant . The sticker doesn't even move and the Chinese character on the side simple says "hi".

We're not really sure if this sticker is meant to encourage an active lifestyle – or to diminish the stigma of women's with facial hair (peach fuzz for the win! Whatever the purpose, it's fair to say that one can't look at this sticker too long without going a bit crazy. But who knows, maybe one day we'll find ourselves in a situation where this white-sausage-headed creature with his hands down his pants is the only way we can truly express ourselves. Ever browsed Wechat's sticker market and thought, "hmmm, what this place needs is more nipple-cripple stickers".

Choose “Video” and you can record a video for no longer than 6s. After that shoot your video and select “Use Video”. Video2Gif is a good choice when you want to use an existing video from your phone gallery to make a GIF.1.