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Instead, go for off the wall conversational gambits and flirty teasing with a few well-timed sexualised double-entendres to spice things up.

Whatever you do, you must ensure you stand out from the crowd. It’s true – most men present will be eunuchs, cajoled by society into thinking that kowtowing to blubbery land whales is the best they can expect for their love lives.

And who knows, if you follow the guidelines I’ve set out here, you may even benefit from a low-investment bang.

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I have four times now witnessed hundreds of people go on hundreds of dates in only a few hours.

I’ve then analyzed their post-date opinions about each other, and paired them off. I organized literary speed dating events at the bookstore where I work.

At the end of the night, participants turned in a provided list of all the people of the opposite sex, indicating who they were interested in talking to again.

(We did one of these events for queer women, but most of them were for straight men and women and most of my observations come from that.) If both participants indicated interest, each received the other’s email address and they’re invited to take it from there.

Don’t stare at her like a loon – allow your eyes to shift to the side from time to time, or better, gaze around the room every now and then – but do imagine giving her the rough and tumble while you’re looking at her.