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I've been with my boyfriend for a year and half, I hadn't added him on facebook for the first 6 months but when I did he unfriended me and blocked me 2 weeks later.

I'm I wrong to be scared that he's with another girl? Maybe he just likes his privacy I don't think you should be angry, frustrated maybe Hi,well.things with patience.You dont need "proof" for being disrespected and treated less than when its as potent as can be. When I asked him why he had not added me to his account he said social media was not important. It seems odd that he blocked you and seems as if he has something to hide.My boyfriend blocked me in all his FB accounts too... I broke up with him already because I found out later, after gathering many evidences, that he is lying, he's a family man with so many girl friends. If he has a facebook account and you have one also, it is only normal that you would be friends with each other and share photos etc.Facebook is a very easy way to get in contact with the opposite sex.I would definitely challenge him on this and have it out with him, if he has nothing to hide he shouldn't mine!Its true my boyfriend is like that he felt type of way cause i went out and he wanted at 2am i said no goodnight and then all of a sudden he blocked me i have 2 facebook and he blocked me on both pages but he still active on my friends page so its only me it did hurt me that he blocked i feel like mens sometimes stuff from us womens and wont tell us the truth I recently have went through this with my boyfriend, I am pregnant with his child right now and I have been over emoitional creating problems that don't exist but recently he went away to Trinidad but friends told me he didn't I don't want to believe that his friends are right because he has never lied to me.

he told me that he was gonna turn his page into a strictly gaming page and add me on his main with his family but he doesn't go on that one.

I than find out he blocked me on the gaming one and it's like it feel suspicious I asked him if I am his girl and if we are doing all of the things we said we are gonna do and he says yes but I can't help but be upset.

I can understand your BF has blocked for various reasons but any other girl in his life takes time to belief.

Just he has blocked you on FB does not mean he does not love you but it can be some message which he does not like you to see which might be inappropriate.

What I can say is ask him for the reason once again and wait n watch what he says for your question. Like seriously, you cant see how insanely sketchy that is?

You cannot judge things for just getting blocked on FB ..u need more proofs before moving ahead. Open your eyes, you should be the main one on his page & have pictures up of you. Anyway, crying will only take days but few weeks later, you can move on... I had been in a 2 yr relationship & did not know my BF had a face book account until I saw it pop up on his phone. So u went to look him up & u couldn't find him I was livid & came to find out he had blocked me because I looked him up at another's friends facebk. I believe if we were their prioroty or the one the love that should not be excused and our pictures should be in their pages No I don't think you are wrong to be upset.

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