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Have the new boyfriend/girlfriend over for a casual pizza party.The kids will feel more comfortable in their own home and might enjoy bonding by showing the new person their stuff, like a favorite toy or backyard space, advises Ledley. I’m a jeans, T-shirt, boots and cool jacket girl on a first date. I like to feel like myself and in my day-to-day, I’ll pick Converse over heels any day.

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“A museum (Monmouth Museum), bookstore (Book Towne), sidewalk fair (just take a walk down Cookman in Asbury Park), farmer’s market (Atlantic Farms), or a park/beach, where your kid can run on the grass and play catch are all places where adults hang out too,” advises Spencer.

A dog park, even if you don’t have a dog, is a winning spot too (that is if your kid likes dogs … Rule 4: Go out alone I’m notorious for grabbing lunch alone (love Taka in Asbury) and seeing films solo. Rule 5: Pay attention to your surroundings “Keep your eyes open at the grocery store and the gym,” says Rachel Russo, MS, MFT, relationship coach, matchmaker and New Jersey native.

However, some single parents are co-parenting — great.“Try to plan dates when your kids are with dad for an overnight or weekend,” says Leah Klungness, psychologist and co-author of “The Complete Single Mother.”“You’ll save money on a babysitter, get out without having to explain to the kids where you’re going and won’t run the risk of them seeing you drive off with someone who isn’t dad.”Solo single mom, like me?

Arrange a sleepover at the grandparents, or ask a friend to watch your kiddo in exchange for your sitter services another night. Rule 3: Where to meet potential dates (because, really, we have zero time)Amy Spencer, relationship expert and author of “Meeting Your Half-Orange: An Utterly Upbeat Guide to Using Dating Optimism to Find Your Perfect Match” says to rethink that afternoon of fun with your mini me.

I may be single, but I got up the nerve to date — again — when Jack was around 2 and haven’t really stopped. Don’t get your kids so involved or go “dad hunting.”)Dating is for you — if it evolves — wonderful (see below on easing the intro between your child and special someone).