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Silverfish dating site - Online sex

Can you suggest a way that I can eliminate this problem?David Snell writes: Lepisma saccharina, more commonly called the silverfish, is a wingless insect of the bristletail family.

They live in the home, hiding by day in moist crevices or even in waste pipes and come out at night to scavenge organic detritus, including human skin particles and their own dead.I HAVE a problem with insects that I know as "silverfish", which are very fast-moving, silver in colour, streamlined and up to about half an inch long.We find them in the upstairs bathroom and in a cupboard in the main bedroom (the cupboard contains no pipework and is dry).We also find them occasionally in the downstairs lounge.I don't really want to spread insect powder around as our Jack Russell dog will sniff it all up.A friend suggested sound-proofing tiles used in recording studios.

DS: I do not know whether your flats are timber-framed or brick and block, but in either case, the acoustic values for each element should have been pre-determined to an acceptable level when they were designed.

Lining the walls, floors and ceilings of a new flat with sound-proofing tiles is probably going to be prohibitive in terms of both cost and aesthetics.

They are also partial to starch and can do considerable damage to paper and bookbindings.

Here, hear Having just moved in to a relatively modern, purpose-built flat, I've noticed the walls are very thin and I'm hearing a lot of noise from both next-door neighbours and the flat above.

Admittedly, I haven't much furniture yet, which is increasing the echo effect, but I do have a carpet.

What other cost-effective methods can I use to cut down the noise factor?

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