Signs im dating a married man

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Signs im dating a married man - Adult Chat Rooms

Obviously Facebook provides a great way for a wife to check up on her husband and it's obvious that a guy who's married wouldn't want his 'mistress' to be talking to him for all to see.He's texting a lot: This could be a sign of many things and might just mean that he's a very busy business man.

If they seem fairly secretive with their texts this should arouse even more suspicion. Most single guys love nothing more than to show off their bachelor pads designed to ensnare women like yourself, and it's certainly sociably more acceptable for them to invite you back to theirs than it is for them to ask to come around yours.If it feels smoother and more waxy than the rest of his skin then he normally wears a ring there.Men and marriage — ever wonder what it takes to get the two together?If you're trying to get your boyfriend to make a commitment, I have good news and bad news. When they're ready, they head down the aisle — but not a moment sooner.If they don't want to go back to theirs then see if there's a good reason (alternatively they might also want to check into a hotel in which case you should also ask).His clothes are too neat: If his clothes are pristine and highly fashionable then you're fine this guy is probably a player and has bought these clothes to impress you (it's not great either but most women would take it over a married man).

However if the clothes are kind of 'standard' and yet they're ironed to perfection then he probably lives at home with his Mother or at home with his Wife. There's a tan line on the finger: If there is a lighter patch of skin on the ring finger where a ring should be this is a really sure fire tell-tale sign by it requires a certain amount of subtlety to get a good look.

A slightly different method to achieve the same ends though is to hold hands with him and 'feel' around that finger.

The wedding ring is a fantastic invention that makes it a lot easier to flirt with the right people and not to get into trouble with married men.

To check if a guy is married, all it takes is one quick glance to his ring finger to find out and this then prevents many problems further down the line.

However at the same time the wedding ring is unfortunately very easy to hide if a guy does decide to play away from home and this can make it very hard for a discerning girl to ensure that the man she's chatting to is indeed single and that she's not being a Susie Home wrecker.

In this scenario you need to make like Sherlock Holmes and look for some of the other more subtle clues that a guy might be hitched. He doesn't give you his Facebook: If a guy doesn't make it easy for you to find him on Facebook, or encourages you not to look for him, then there's a good chance that he's in fact married or at least that he is hiding something.

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