Sexy aunty chatroom

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Sexy aunty chatroom - Online sex

Mein ne kaha k rani meri baat nabeela se kb kerwao ge to wo kehny lagi k aik hafty tak mein ne un k ghar jana hai phr mein os se ap ki bat kerwaon ge .

Is tarah humein bat cheet kerty mean k phone sex kerty 6 month se ziada arsa ho gia tha .Aik din wo kehny lagi k irfan mery husband anay waly hain ager wo aa gaye to mein tum se bat ni ker sukon ge aur mera ye ap se wada hai k wo jaisy he jaen ge mein ap se dubara rabta keron ge aur jis din mera number band ho gia to samjh laina k mera husband aa gia hai . Os ka number kia band hua , mujy laga k dunia aik dam se khali ho gai hai aur mein her waqt osi k bary mein sochta aur os ka number dial kerta rehta lakin os ka number band aur meri wo halat hoti thi jaisi fish ki pani k begair .20 din guzar gaye aur mein os ka number dial kerta rehta aur phr aik din os k number per call jany lagi mein bohat khush hua k ab nabeela se bat ho saky ge lakin jb agay se phone recieve hua to wo koi aur larki thi .Mein ne os se kaha k ap meri nabeela se bat kerwao to kehny lagi k mein os ki sahaili bol rahi hun aur ye sim nabeela se mein ne lay le hai . Mein ne os se os ka name pusha to os ne batia k os ka name rani hai . And now here in the garage lying naked, sprawled on the hood of a car. Since no locks in the room was not, mom forced to remove all clothes, believing that naked on the street is not going to run.

She was told not to go out of his room, and in the evening brought Nadia and said that the punishment is postponed until tomorrow.

Aunties chat room online chatting with Pakistani sexy and hot girls, sexy girls looking so hot and dashing do you like chat with these girls harry up enter the chat room and chat with Aunties and also hot girls.

Mera name irfan hai aur mein sahiwal mein rehta hun. Jab tak aik dusry se bat na ker laity to chain ni ata tha .

Os ka husband mulk se bahar gia hua tha is liye hum din aur rat aik dusry se phone per bat kerty thy aur 4 se 5 ghanty din ko aur itna he rat ko bat kia kerty thy aur hum aik dusry k bohat aadi ho gay thy .

Hum aik dusry se phone sex kia kerty thy lakin real mein kbi sex ni kia tha , is ki waja ye thi k wo ghr se akaili bahar ni nikal sakti thi .

Wo dusry city k gaon mein rehni wali thi aur jab k mein sahiwal city ka rehny wala tha aur mein ne kbi rat ko os k ghr jany ka risk na lia tha kafi dafa os ne kaha k aj rat ghar aa jao lakin mein ne inkar ker dia aur os ko city anay ka kaha beshak wo apny shehr mein aye .

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