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Sex rp chats - Sex Chat

So if she’s smart enough to google any of the texts she’ll see this.

While we’re on the subject – is your ass actually tight? I will tell you that i have been blessed in the three areas men care about most – legs, ass, breasts, but anyway, moving on…. They showed promise, but again I’ve not really had a good look Her: You are terrible. [one hour passes] Her: Why did u suddenly decide that? Me: Since June 2010 I decided I will do only those things that interest me and not give a fuck. Make my life a hell of a story for when I’m aged 70 as a washed up drunk in a Jamaican beachfront dive. Are you cadging free meals and rides from the office boys?

I’m not bragging in some power trip, I’m actually quite ashamed of it.

Actually, I can related to that but usually I was the heartbreaker.

Get a load of this text game as it escalates to full on depravity. How come your facebook updates always make you look like a nutjob?

Background is: she was a five minute number close at trafalgar square about 3 months ago and though we’ve had some lively banter by text she hasn’t agreed to a date and she hasn’t “crossed the sexual rubicon” of admitting sexual attraction to me.

I text her out of the blue late one night, first time in about 2 weeks.

This was about a month ago and I’ve held it back from my blog until I finally went “radically honest” on her and told her I’m a dating coach. You must be missing the texts Her: drunk now i take it? Just being filthy on Facebook chat and I thought of you.

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