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There are valleys of various streams between the hills, with Kakum being the largest stream.

The minor streams end in wetlands, the largest of which drains into the Fosu Lagoon at Bakano.

In the northern part of the district, however, the landscape is suitable for the cultivation of various crops.

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Cape Town - More than one million pupils are expected to fill classrooms across the Western Cape in 2017, the provincial education department said on Monday.

With the establishment of formal colonial administration, they relocated to Accra following opposition to the "window tax" in 1877. Cape Coast Castle was also where most of the slaves were held before their journey on the Middle Passage.

The area is dominated by batholith rock and is generally undulating with steep slopes.

Fort William, built in 1820, was an active lighthouse from 1835 to the 1970s, while Fort Victoria was built in 1702.