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1659: First official settlement on Tortuga (off the coast of Haiti) by French buccaneers who hunt wild cattle and by pirates who attack ships sailing from South America to Europe. takes control of western third of the island and names it Saint-Domingue.1670: First French settlement on the main island, named Cap Francois, later Cap-Français and now Cap-Haitien, the second largest city in Haiti.

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1685: Louis XIV enacts the Code Noir, which regulates the treatment of slaves and sets obligations for owners.Corporal punishment is allowed, sanctioning brutal treatment. 1780: Saint-Domingue is France’s richest colony, producing 40 percent of all sugar and 60 percent of all coffee consumed in Europe. Tradition says it starts with a voodoo ceremony led by Dutty Boukman.1697: Spain formally cedes the western third of the island to France via the Treaty of Ryswick. 1758: Rebel leader Mackandal, born in Guinea, is captured and burned alive in Cap-Francois after seven years leading an insurrection. 1789: When the French Revolution starts, the colony has 500,000 slaves, 32,000 whites and 25,000 people of color (mixed race), many of whom have inherited wealth and slaves from their white fathers. He is captured and executed, but revolt spreads and plantations are torched. 4, French Assembly abolishes slavery in all its colonies, ratifying what is already reality in Saint-Domingue.1777: French officers lead a regiment of 750 free blacks from Saint-Domingue to help the fledgling U. 1801: Toussaint L’Ouverture defeats British and Spanish troops that invaded Santo Domingo and controls the entire island.NORML cares about patient rights and changing the legal status of Marijuana!America deserves more sane and compassionate treatment of Marijuana consumers.

Marijauna can provide an economic engine to revitalize America, help us today!

Learn More About Us Armed with a Masters in Public Administration from the University of South Florida with years of political experience, Mr. from Nova Southeastern University and is also a former Valedictorian. Hermida is a proud graduate of Oaksterdam University where he received medical cannabis training.

Cano is dedicated to fighting for marijuana reform.

His daily struggles to ensure his father has adequate access to medical cannabis motivates him make a difference. Hermida is a true advocate for marijuana reform with real concern and focus on the patients.

5, Columbus lands on a large island he names Isla Española (Spanish Island), later changed to Hispaniola. 1503: First Africans brought to Hispaniola for labor after pleas from a Spanish priest who wants to save the Indians from extinction.

1592: Spanish governor executes Queen Anacaona, the last Taino chief.

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