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However, we have now sold out of the books, "Discovering Dutch Delftware." The best option is to find them for sale used on either e Bay or, and pick one up that way.

We don't know if we will be able to offer the book for sale again in the future.

Although the Delftware potters preferred to call their earthenware “porcelain”, it was only a cheaper version of the real Chinese porcelain.

Delft Blue was not made from the typical porcelain clay, but from clay that was coated with a tin glaze after it was fired.

If your focus is exclusively on Royal Delft (De Porceleyne Fles), we also heartily recommend the book by Rick Erickson, "Royal Delft - A Guide to De Porceleyne Fles."We can help identify delftware that has been broken by movers, and although it is highly unlikely to find the same item, we can generally replace it with something very similar.