Ray liotta dating catherine hickland

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Ray liotta dating catherine hickland - Online sex

Later he received more and more roles in movies and became more acclaimed among others in the industry.

Raymond Allen Liotta, simply known as Ray Liotta, was born in 1954, in New Jersey.Ray is an actor, particularly famous for his roles in “Field of Dreams” and “Goodfellas”.During his career Ray has been nominated for and has won various awards, including a Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy Award, Chicago Film Critics Association Award, MTV Movie Award and many others.In addition to his appearances on television and in movies, Ray has also worked on creating such video games as “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” and “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City”. It is estimated that Liotta’s net worth is $14 million, and his career as an actor is the main source of this sum of money.Ray is a very successful actor so there is no surprise that he has achieved this wealth during his career.Ray’s childhood was not very perfect as he was adopted at a very young age and this might have influenced his future life.

Liotta studied at Union High School and later continued his studies at the University of Miami.

While he was studying at the university, he participated in many musicals and in this way improved as an actor.

Soon he secured a role in the show called “Another World”.

This was the time when Ray Liotta’s net worth began growing.

In 1986 Rau was cast in the successful movie entitled “Something Wild”.

While filming this movie, Ray met Jeff Daniels and Melanie Griffith.

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