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The impetus behind this series is the integration of his bread labor as a plasterer and his shamanistic role as an artist.

An entire mythos and culture is built on this construction milieu, utilizing tools and process as the basis for rituals, music and dance/movement sections. click here for more pics from the Work of Art Awards Share on Facebook Your Inner Vagabond Coffeehouse & World Lounge 4130 Butler Street, Lawrenceville, Pgh, 15201 Sunday, June 7th Doors Open at pm/Show begins at pm The Typewriter Girls Try Politics: An Awareness Event for the Employee Free Choice Act…kind of After the (amazing) scantily clad, mildly orgiastic debacle that was The Typewriter Girls Try Drag, the ladies have decided to turn over a new leaf and begin an epic battle in the name of social justice.

Dave is proud to be a stop on Pittsburgh’s shoestring network of do-it-yourself creative culture. Sad News: This show was originally slated to be located at our dear Your Inner Vagabond; however, that wonderful space is going through some very difficult times and we have to seek out a new regular venue for our shows. Share on Facebook The Typewriter Girls somehow successfully produced haikus for individuals for nearly two straight hours at the Work of Art Awards this Monday night. From there, she listens to rivers and shortwave and translates the conversations into poetry, sound and collage.

She is the author of the recently published No Water (Speed and Brisco, 2009).

Dave English combines puppetry and low brow art to create humorous performances and exhibits. We even managed to make a couple of people shed tears! Join them in their quest to unionize the Greater Pittsburgh bohemian community–streetwalkers, poets, bicyclists, tarot card readers, amateur astrologers, and the like–while revolutionizing Pittsburgh’s concept of “employed.” Supported by the AFL-CIO (in a manner of speaking), The Typewriter Girls have rounded up an all-star team of Grass Roots Community Organizers to aid them in their cause.

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