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Joseph accepts and the wedding is set to happen in 30 days, though he is absent for 15 days which makes it difficult to get to know him before the wedding day.

To have a successful date, the player must talk to their date 4 times and give them 2 items they like, then finish it with a kiss.

Lewis Ashton The player's faithful servant who cares deeply for her and will do anything to protect his princess. He can be found in "Lewis's House," given to him by Joseph. "Your happiness is my happiness." Items he likes: Candy, Tea, and Book Daniel Claud Daniel is a blacksmith who has a big secret that he quickly admits to the player.

Will put aside his needs and feelings for her sake. He's cursed and the player is the only one who can help.

She escapes with Lewis to Hepcatsis Kingdom where they meet King Joseph.