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As this book's title suggests, Norm Macdonald tells the story of his life - more or less - from his origins on a farm in the-back-of-beyond Canada and an epically disastrous appearance on Star Search to his account of auditioning for Lorne Michaels and his memorable run as the anchor of Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live - until he was fired because a corporate executive didn't think he was funny.But Based on a True Story is much more than a memoir; it's the hilarious, inspired epic of Norm's life.In 2007, XM and Sirius announced that they were planning a merger of both companies.

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Still, the show began to rebuild its audience, and eventually their former company, Infinity (now known as CBS Radio), was looking to bring them back.

In 2006, Howard Stern abandoned terrestrial radio in order to broadcast his show on XM competitor Sirius.

This tribute to Patrice O' Neal includes reflections from comedian Jim Florentine and Anthony Cumia.