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    PHONETIC DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE BY HERMANN MICHAELIS and DANIEL JONES. In the a group are included a: (as in 'alms'), a (first element of the diphthongs ai in 'aisle' and an in 'ow V), se (as in 'act') and a (as in 'ulster'). Bengal ben'ga:li, -z Bengali, -s 'bengaillait, -s bengal -light, -s beni'daisiti Benedicite beni'dikjan, -z benediction, -s 'benidikt, -8 benedict, -s 'benidikt ['benit] Benedict beni'diktain Benedictine (monk) beni'diktiin benedictine (liqueur) beni'dikta8 [-ta8] Benedictns beni'ftekjan, -z benefaction, -s 'benif8ekta*[beni'fs Bkta*],-zbene- f actor, s 'benifiektri8 [beni'fsektris] , -iz benefactress, -es 'benifls, -iz benefice, -a beni'fl Jlal, -ali, -9lni8 benefici|al, -ally, -alness Miohaelis & Jones, Phonetic Dictionary, beni'll/iari — best — 50 besti'seliti— bsan beiii'flj'iar|i, -iz beneficially, -ies 'beniflt, -s, -ig, -id benefit (a. 'berialgrannd, -z burial-gronnd, 'berialpleis, -iz burial-place, -s 'beriii|graund,-zburying-ground, -s 'beriigpleis, -iz burying-place, -s 'berik, -Jia* Berwick, -shire 'beril, -z beryl (B.), -a 'berig ['biarig, 'bearii|] Behring, Bering 'beriz 1) (v.) buries {from bury); 2) (s.) berries (from berry) 'berizfad [-isf-] Beresford Obes Bess besa'reibia [-bja] Bessarabia 'besi Bessie 'besima* Bessemer 'begiza5'ba:ii Besses o' th' Barn 'besnt Beaant best best (B.) besti'selitli, -iz bestialitly, -ies 'bestial [-tjal], -i, -izm bestial, -ly, -ism 'bestiarji [-tja-], -iz bestiarly, -ies Obet, -s, -ii), -id bet (s.

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    Radiometric dating is the method for establishing the age of objects by measuring the levels of radioisotopes in the sample. It decays to nitrogen 14 with a half life of 5730 years.

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    Now that worries over pregnancy are no longer an issue, we think we can be lax in this department. Always carry some type of protection with you so that when hormones heat up, you are protected. A great place for more information is from your doctor on this topic.

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    Note: This phone number translates to "HOT-555-0100". Spawn Double T bike Dial "2455550125" on the cell phone.