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Christian Manhart, an Afghanistan specialist at UNESCO, believes there may have been only one key holder, though legend says otherwise."The Afghans are adept at the art of secrets, and they really know how to create a mystery," he says.There were gasps and sighs, and it was very emotional." The exhibition at the Guimet Museum in Paris is currently showcasing 220 of these Afghan treasures, including many pieces of Bactrian gold, that were first discovered in 1978 by Soviet archaeologist Viktor Sarianidi at a 1st century A. This ancient national image is quite different from the pictures of war and violence the world has grown accustomed to in the news today.

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Some legends report that members of the Taliban tortured a security guard who refused to give up the secret of the gold, and tried to crack the lock with a diamond-tipped drill bit.

Afghanistan's great cultural heritage The mystery of the Bactrian gold that had captured the minds of many Afghans began to unravel several years after the fall of the Taliban.

As if going to war after a terrorist attack isn’t enough danger, a terrorist and a scandal pose the greatest threat to the country. A planned airstrike to take out Nassar, the terrorist suspected of bombing the Capitol, fails before it even gets off the ground.

Trying to handle the situation diplomatically gave Nassar time to be tipped off about the airstrike coming for him.

Although Hiebert said museum curators are in talks to bring it to the United States, security in Afghanistan is still not tight enough to bring it to the museum in Kabul.