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It was in a coffeehouse, She dressed in her twenties, With large breasts aplenty, A generation away, With much to say about her day.

Another tattoo, At the small of her slender back, A butterfly fully spread, Her blouse was cut high, So not to hide her golden tan.She bought two coffees, And walked my way, Then stopped at my table, With a impish look of play, Then sat down a generation away.“I think it is the brew, That you like and I don’t mean, To give you a fright, But I was wondering, What are you doing tonight?” I took a gulp of the sultry brew, And blurt out a word or two, “I—I don’t have any tattoos, No—no --nary a one, To me that is absolutely no fun.” “That’s cool,” was her reply, “I have enough for two, And more than willing, To share with you, My hidden tattoo.” She took my weathered hands, In her hands of spring-- I stammering, “Nothing is pierced on this body of mine, Except my heart scared of lost time, From a girl or two almost like you.” Still playing with my hands, She looked into my eyes and smiled, “I have piercings you haven’t seen, But it is totally awesome and cool, That you have taken inven These Gals Love Nothing Greater Quantity Than To Suck Cock!Related galleries: Old lesbians eating banana and make foot worship. In the middle of her navel, Was a golden ring listing, With a modest diamond glistening, She donned hip hugger shorts, Hung so low apparently free from gravity.

Just below her bellybutton, Was a tattoo of a bee smile’n, With a large stinger ribbed, Pointing to her, Young honeycomb.

Her shorts were tight, And to my delight, A full bush pressed to fabric, In silhouetted light, No underwear insight.

She has limbs of a runner, Muscular thighs-muscled calves, A double hourglass girl, Of torso and legs, With the most lovely curls.

Blond grandmother squirting during the gyno checkup.

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