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People write me often to say they changed their dating pattern and found a mate after finishing that book — and that's really awesome to hear.My book titles — — are somewhat silly and attention grabbing. Anyone in the publishing industry knows how hard it is for a title to stick out in a bookstore or online. The same is true for a number of the dating, love and sex videos I've hosted.

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It can mean only one thing: that most beloved and most dreaded of all Hallmark holidays, Valentine's Day, is near. the throngs of perplexed men at the corner pharmacy, agonizing over a Whitman's sampler or a Hershey's Giant Kiss.So who better to turn to for real life advice on love, sex, romance — and marketing and social media strategies — than Andrea Syrtash, a dating and relationship writer, online broadcaster and author. I met Andrea in 2007, when she had just finished shooting “ON Dating” for NBC Studios.She is the author of He's Just Not Your Type (And That's a Good Thing) and Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband), co-author of It's Okay to Sleep with Him on the First Date: And Every Other Rule of Dating Debunked and editor of two more. She's also hosted multiple on-air shows and represented several popular brands, including Skype, Movado and MSN Living. A year later, on Valentines Day, I stopped to chat with her as she was setting up a folding table in front of the Time Warner Center in New York City.It was freezing cold and she was dolling out relationship advice to anyone who would stop by. One of my early paid assignments as a journalist was to interview about 300 singles for a book called "How to Survive Dating." The publisher of the book stuck me on the radio to discuss the results and the announcer introduced me as an expert.It was an auspicious beginning and I was impressed by her dedication and perseverance. I was confused since I was only a journalist who was sharing the research I had done for the book. But in the dozen years since I have interviewed thousands of people about love, sex and relationships, have conducted polls and research tracking relationship trends, have worked extensively with other experts in this field, and have dedicated countless hours to helping people find and navigate relationships.

We have remained close friends ever since and in between her television appearances, newspaper interviews and seminars at Canyon Ranch Resort in Arizona, we had a chance to talk about her past, present and future. You have a Bachelor's degree in theater and history from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario and did post graduate work at Ryerson Institute in Toronto with a concentration in Applied Arts, Radio and Television. I don't think anything is more important than relationships, so it's an area I'm very passionate about.

In 2005, I completed training at The Coaches Training Institute so I could work with singles and couples as a Relationship Coach.

I don't know what makes anyone an expert, but I think by now earned my stripes.

Sobel: While your advice is spot on, you are quite the risk taker.

For example, one of the most interesting episodes in a series of videos for NBC Studios in 2008 was titled "was my third published book and it's probably my favorite.

I've gotten more emails from people who say that after reading it, their lives changed (more than anything else I've written).

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