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Posted on November 09, 2009 by Fiesta Fan Have you ever sorted through your cabinet of Fiestaware and wonder: "How old is this Fiestaware? How can I tell if my Fiestaware is old or vintage Fiestaware?" The answer to those questions is neither simple nor definitive.

Still, there are a few ways you can examine Fiesta bottom marks and Fiestaware stamps in order to determine how old Fiestaware is.It is very difficult to tell whether a Fiestaware piece is old from its imprinted marking - but it is easy to tell if it is new by the appearance of an "H." Newer Fiesta pieces now have an H stamped below the logo.This was a recent addition, so not all new Fiestaware will have it.However, these rules hold true: Another good indicator of a new piece of Fiestaware is a the new, circular logo.With Fiesta backstamps that are in INK ONLY, you can identify and old piece of Fiestaware by the case of the letters.Remember these rules: Today, there are four (possibly more) different Fiesta markings.

These all have capital letters and often have the words "genuine" and "lead free." Update: For some nice pictures that illustrate a piece of Fiestaware with a vintage looking color but updated ink backstamps, check out these shots taken over at the Selling Vintage blog.

Imprinted Fiesta markings are both difficult to read and have many, many variations.

Before trying to identify your Fiesta marking, it"s important to note that there are two types of Fiesta logo stamps - ink Fiesta logo stamps and imprinted Fiesta markings.

The clues for these different stamps are very different and are not interchangeable.

So, what holds true for an ink Fiesta stamp is not necessarily the same rule for an imprinted Fiesta marking! Fiesta backstamps are the ink markings that appear on the bottom of the plate.

These Fiesta markings all feature the word "Fiesta" in some form as well as some marking identifying Homer Laughlin as the manufacturer.

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