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If you proceed and follow a link on this site, you assume full responsibility for your actions.Today, people are constantly logging into online sites to meet new people or reconnect with old friends; chat with friends and keep in touch with family; or access information on issues such as fashion, health, finances and politics.Consequently, interaction with the internet in Kenya is now a daily affair for most Kenyans, especially young people, with 62% of its users using it up to 5 times a day (Kariuki, 2010).The mobile phone has revolutionalised the ICT sector in Kenya, and often when we talk about Kenya being a hotbed for ICT in Africa, most of it has been enabled by access to cheap mobile phones.Statistics show that 50% of Kenyans who own a mobile phone access the internet through it.This is because of its portability; therefore most people can access the internet from any location (Wachira, 2010).

Research conducted by Kariuki (2010) showed that among social media users in Kenya, 89% use it for messenger chats, 85% visit social networking sites, 72% for uploading and downloading of photos, 65% become members some of online groups, 58% visit a blog, 48% post comments in other peoples’ blogs, 47% meet someone new via the internet, 47% make or receive an internet phone call, 36% visit dating sites, and 33% play online games.

However, a look at social media use in Kenya reveals that Facebook is one of the leading social media sites used by young people in Kenya, and among the users of social media, it also emerged that women use social media more than men (Kendagor, 2013).

The focus of this paper is on how young female internet users in Africa, with emphasis on Kenya, are constructing their own gendered narratives online.

The emphasis is on how they are appropriating social media by posting controversial and often nude pictures of themselves online, a major shift in the production and consumption of such images in a patriarchal culture, which is driven by mainstream discourse that often assumes that the patriarchal culture exploits the female body in mainstream visual cultures.

Today, we are witnessing female internet users carefully manipulating social media whether in a bid to feed into the patriarchal dominated culture that exploits the female body, or as a method to exploit that very patriarchal culture that draws its life from visuals that exploit the female body.

In Kenya, most young people access the internet widely for social networking activities more than academic, entertainment and any other activity (Kendagor, 2013).

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