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My fianc said officer why are you doing this and that is when the other officer, the female (WPC Young) assaulted her it was two of them.

I tried to move from the officer and he chocked me and I almost passed out.

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The home managers and principals also received a personal gift as a token of appreciation for their hard work running the homes and schools, while all the children in attendance received a wristband with a positive message and at the end of the show, their snack and juice.

Jasmine Alert Calls for Nationwide Vigil for Victims of Violence The Jasmine Alert Executive Body has called out to all Belizeans nationwide, to a Candlelight Vigil for the VICTIMS of the Massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut USA.

With the construction of the streets, residents that were forced to reach their homes via London Bridges (elevated wooden walkways above contaminated water) or via canoes finally had proper access to their homes.

Further to this, there has been much work by international entities, such as students from the University of Mississippi under the guidance of Miss Kim Shackelford who helped to create the San Mateo Empowerment Committee which has organized much work in the area.

I confronted him and asked him what is happening with you Ricky Jurado (the male). I told all my friends lets just go so when we came out of the bar, they (the police) were waiting in the middle of the bridge (dock) and they started the altercation. Young (Police Corporal), both seemed to be under the influence of alcohol, took out his gun, grabbed my neck and put his gun in my mouth, said Jurado adding that he threatened me that he would kill me if I even move.