Methods of dating the earth

Despite their revolutionary implications, these and other early scientific estimates for the age of the earth and of life were, in fact, far too small.

We now know that the earth is approximately 4.54 billion years old and that there have been living things on our planet for at least 3.5 billion years.

However, before the 1960's, scholars in many cultures tried to estimate the age of the earth and of life.

, an ancient Egyptian historian, listed all of the dynasties of pharaohs and gods that reigned down to his time (3rd century B. This made the earth about 38,000 years old (from our time). D., accepted the Judeo-Christian Old Testament as being literally true and subsequently determined the age of the earth by counting biblical generations and adding their time to modern recorded history. With the rapid growth of European scientific knowledge, largely beginning in the late 17th century A.

With this method, he calculated that the creation was in 4004 B. D., it became increasingly clear that the earth must be much more than a few thousand years old.

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