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Cam is transformed into Superman, one of his favorite superheroes that he often mimics during games. Inside, ESPN explores many facets of the 6-foot-5, 245-pound FINE quarterback.

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A “fan” wrote to The Charlotte Observer to express her disappointment in Cam, suggesting he should put a ring on his girlfriend’s finger.Cam Newton is gracing the cover of ESPN The Magazine’s newest issue where he transforms into his favorite superhero Superman!And the QB's father is holding nothing back when it comes to critics.NFL analyst Ryan Clark and ore break down why the Super Bowl bound QB receives so much hate inside…. Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers are gearing up for an epic game against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos next Sunday (Feb. And it appears all eyes are the YBF quarterback who led his team to a an impressive 17-1 season ending record.For ESPN the Magazine’s upcoming issue, they tapped the ridiculously sexy QB to take over the cover.ESPN even gave an interesting comparison to Cam having a baby out of wedlock and New England Patriots QB Tom Brady -- the NFL's Golden Boy -- doing the exact same thing.

The article said: Tom Brady can have a child out of wedlock -- and leave the actress/mother for a supermodel before the baby was born -- and not be blamed for the systemic deterioration of the American family and the scourge of fatherless households.

For Newton, it was yet another lens through which to view him, as if maturity, greed and race weren't enough.

She wrote,"I want it to be known that his mother and I are staunch Christian proponents of marriage and all things pertaining to legitimacy," Cecil says.

"I have three sons and one woman, and I have been a living example all his life of what a man should be in a family. He has a heightened consciousness of who he is as a man, and I always tell him the decisions you make you have to live with short and long term.

I don't style it as a mistake; I style it as something that can be a gift for him and the young lady.

We're going to support them in every aspect -- physically, emotionally and spiritually." Perfectly said.

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