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Freund was born on Mitchel Field Air Force Base, Long Island, New York.

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Your generosity in allowing us to increase individual independence for people experiencing sight loss is very much appreciated.

We value your views and would welcome you helping us to improve the services available to the 10,000 people registered as blind, partially sighted or with a dual sensory loss in our geographical area and to the estimated 40,000 people who could be registered, but are not.

She pursued solutions through both policy and local action, and eventually conceptualized an organization that would provide rides in private automobiles that would recreate the comfort, independence and dignity that individuals experience when they drive their own vehicles.

She founded the Independent Transportation Network (ITN) in 1995, and developed the model over time as she refined the service through research and experience.

Our courses are not just "off the shelf" packages, but are tailored to the particular needs of the client.